Booking with railcards

Split tickets can be combined with railcard discounts on both advance and flexible fares to save you even more money on the cost on the cost of your rail travel!


Railcards can reduce the cost of your travel by a third.

Are you eligible for a railcard discount?
Railcards, if you’re eligible for one can save up to a third on the cost of rail travel and can be purchased online or at staffed station ticket offices. Railcards around £30 (£20 if you’re purchasing a disabled railcard) and last for a year so you will only benefit if you spend £90 a year or more on rail travel. Railcards are available for families, two people who travel together regularly, Members of HM Forces, the disabled, the unemployed and the over 60s and students and young people aged 16-25.

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Booking with a railcard
To book your train tickets with a railcard simply select the applicable railcard from the dropdown menu on the right hand side of the booking engine, just below the fields where you enter passenger numbers. The site will then apply the railcard discount when it calculates ticket prices. Please note that railcard discounts may not apply on certain routes or at certain times of day.

If one passenger has a railcard and the others do not
If some of the travellers are covered by a railcard and some are not, you will need to search for the journey firstly for the person with the railcard and add it to the basket and then search for the same journey for the people without the railcard before also adding the journey to the basket. You will then be able to pay for both journeys in the same transaction.