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Trainoffers.co.uk is committed to helping you saving you money on rail travel through ‘splitting’ your train tickets…

National Rail Accredited

We are fully National Rail accredited

Working out where to split your train tickets
Split ticketing can be complicated especially if there are multiple splitting points on your route since different trains have different stopping patterns. A direct Plymouth-Derby train for example could be cheaper for instance with multiple splits at Tiverton, Bristol, Cheltenham, Birmingham and Burton-on-Trent. The site will always compare the cost of two singles against the price of a return. Similarly if your trip begins during the peak period but a portion of the journey falls into the less busy off peak period, it will often be cheaper to split the ticket so that you don’t have pay a more expensive peak time fare for the whole of your journey.

Booking the correct tickets for you
Not everybody has the time or energy to work out the best points to split tickets though and that’s where we can help! Check your route with Trainoffers and the site will not only work out where to split your tickets for the best savings and it will automatically book the correct combination of tickets so you don’t have to risk making mistakes. If we can’t find a saving by splitting your tickets or a fixed time advance fare is available at a lower price than the cheapest split fare, the site will always offer you the lowest fare. What’s more, unlike other splitting tools it can handle multiple splits and return journeys and works for both advance and flexible fares.

Are split tickets always the best option?
We reckon that split ticketing savings can be found on 60% of journeys, providing an average additional saving of 30% compared to booking conventional  tickets.

As split tickets require your trains to stop at particular stations, or take a specific route, though, if you require a high level of flexibility splitting tickets will  not always be appropriate for your journey. In these instances more expensive flexible tickets which remove these restrictions may be a better option.

 Trainoffers.co.uk only offers the cheapest combination of tickets it can find. if you need to see the full range of tickets including anytime, off peak and advance fares, you should go to our sister site Raileasy instead.