Travel Disruption

catching different trains with split tickets

Always remember to check your route for disruption before leaving home

Is My Train Still Running?
It is the responsibility  of the customer to check the route for travel disruption, delays, cancellations and alterations to services before embarking on a journey.

It is especially important to check if you are planning to travel over a holiday period or bank holiday weekend as engineering work is often scheduled at these times to take advantage of  relatively quiet times on the railway network and to minimise disruption to normal weekday services.

Live updates for all National Rail routes and real time information on delays and service alterations across the National Rail network is provided by the National Rail Enquiries site. Details of pre-planned engineering works and the routes, areas and train companies they affect are also published here well in advance .

Check your route for pre-planned engineering works and current service disruptions here


Travel Disruption

Delay compensation can be issued in the form of National Rail travel vouchers or a cash refund

Am I Entitled To Compensation For Delays To My Journey?
If one or more of your trains has been cancelled or there are significant delays on the line and you decide not to travel, you are entitled to a full refund provided your tickets are wholly unused. If you already have the tickets in your possession you will need to return them to us before we can refund you.

If your tickets are partially used, you may be entitled to a refund or partial refund but you will need to contact the train company you were meant to be travelling with directly and you will normally need to send them the original tickets in order to claim compensation.

The amount of compensation you are entitled to will vary depending on the length of your delay and the arrangements set out in the individual train company’s customer charter or their Delay Repay policy. You may not be entitled to delay compensation if the disruption was published beforehand, if an emergency timetable was in place or the delay was the result of factors beyond the control of the rail industry.

Compensation from the train company for travel disruption can either take the form of a cash refund (if you specify this) or National Rail travel vouchers.

Please note: We are currently unable to accept National Rail travel vouchers via the website. If you have been issued with these they will need to be redeemed directly with the train company.