cycles on trains

Cycle reservation policies will vary depending on the route and the times you are travelling.

Taking cycles on trains
If you are travelling with a bicycle you will need to check the policy of the train companies you are travelling with before your journey. There is no charge for taking a bicycle on a train but many companies require you to make a cycle reservation in advance. Some companies have restrictions on the times when bicycles are permitted. This is particularly true in and around the London area.

Making a bike reservation
Bicycle reservations must be made directly with the train company operating the service and bicycles should never be allowed to obstruct train doors or aisles. The number of bike spaces on a particular service is normally limited. You should therefore make the reservation as far in advance as possible.

FInd more information and check the policy for the company you are travelling with here

Cycles on trains and engineering work
At times when engineering work is taking place and replacement bus services are in operation, you should check your route for pre-planned engineering work before booking your tickets. It is not always possible to accommodate full sized bicycles. Folding cycles will be allowed provided they are folded and covered. If  you are travelling with a bike, the bike is refused and your destination is not within cycling distance, you may be entitled to a ticket refund. This will only apply however if you were not specifically warned that a rail-replacement bus would be involved on your journey when you reserved a place.

Stations with short platforms
Before you travel you should check whether you will be departing or arriving at a station with a shorter platform that usual. This is because access to the designated cycle storage carriage may not be possible whilst the train is in the station. If your destination station has a short platform you should advise the train manager. He or she will then permit you to move your bike to another area of the train before you arrive. If you will be boarding the train at a short platform station, you should load your bike onto the train when you board. The train manager will then allow you to move it to the cycle storage area once the train is moving.