We’ve put together a list of the most common FAQ and queries we receive below but if you can’t find the answer to your question here, don’t hesitate to contact us.

What happens if I need to catch an earlier or later train or one of my trains is delayed?
If a train is delayed, you’ll be allowed onto the next appropriate train, regardless of your ticket type. If your plans have simply changed, it will vary according to your tickets. More information here.

Can I get a refund on split tickets?
Whether or not you are eligible for a refund depends on the type of tickets you have purchased and the circumstances under which you are claiming a refund. Find out more here.

How do I amend my train tickets?
If you will still be making the trip, just at a different time, you can amend your tickets by re-booking the journey and claiming a refund on the originals. More details here.

How do I apply for a refund on my train tickets?
Before applying for a refund, you should check if the tickets you have purchased are refundable. All refunds are subject to a £10 admin fee and the money will be refunded back to the card you originally paid with. More details here.

Can I reserve seats if I book split tickets?
Of course! Not all train companies allow us to reserve numbered seats on their trains but wherever possible we’ll try to reserve seats taking into account the preferences you’ve indicated at the time of booking. More information.

Booking with railcards
If one or more people in your group has a railcard and the others do not, you will need to make two separate searches for the same and add them to the basket  in order to pay for them in the same transaction. More information.

Is split ticketing legal?
In a nutshell yes! Split ticketing may not yet be the norm but is completely legal as long as your trains stop at the splitting points. More info here.

Does the site charge fees?
If we are able to find a saving on your journey by splitting your tickets, the site will add a ‘share of saving fee’ equivalent to 10% of the saving. If no saving is found, no fee is applied. More information here.

How do I get my tickets?
You can opt to have your tickets posted to you if you have a UK address  or to collect tickets at the station using your payment card and the booking collection reference. More information.

My train tickets have not arrived in the post?
Postal train tickets will be sent out will be printed straightaway and sent out in the next available collection. If you have not received them within 5 days of making the booking you will need to contact us. More information

My train tickets have not come out of the machine?
Collecting your tickets at the station is always our recommended option as it avoids the possibility of tickets being lost in the post. If you think you are missing some of the tickets you need, you should go to the ticket office in the first instance. More information

My train changes and splitting points do not correspond.
Although the points where your ticket is split will sometimes  involve a change of train, this won’t necessarily always be the case, depending on your route. More Information.

Which ticket do I show to the conductor?
Train tickets can sometimes be confusing due to the sheer number of coupons and seat reservations that are issued. More information.