Split Ticketing

Split Ticketing

Multiple Train Tickets Can be Cheaper

What are split tickets?
When you buy two or more train tickets for the same journey – a ticket from your departure station to an intermediate station where the train calls and a separate ticket from the intermediate station to your destination, it can often be much cheaper than purchasing an ordinary ‘through’ train ticket. The process is called split ticketing and the multiple tickets you purchase are referred to as ‘split tickets.’

If you wanted to travel between Bristol to Birmingham you might purchase a train ticket from Bristol  to Cheltenham Spa and then a second rail ticket from Cheltenham Spa to Birmingham. You would still be travelling on the same train, just carrying more tickets and paying less.

Examples of savings

Departure Station Destination Ticket type Usual price Split ticket price
Norwich Leicester Off Peak Return  £62.80  £42.60 (Save £20.20)
Wakefield Birmingham Off peak return  £57.20  £36.90 (Save £20.30)
Manchester Southampton Off peak return £108.60 £81.10 (Save £27.50)
 Nottingham  London  Anytime return  £160.50  £79.00 (Save £81.50)
 Newcastle  Liverpool  Off peak return  £86.40  £76.00 (Save £10.40)
 Bristol  London  Anytime return  £198.00  £102.70 (Save £95.30
 Edinburgh  Aberdeen  Anytime return  £63.40  £50.00 (Save £13.40)
 Cardiff  Exeter  Off peak return  £54.40  £42.50 (Save £11.90)

All the fares shown are a mixture of  off-peak and anytime returns available on the date of travel & checked on 23.2.16.

Split tickets have actually been around for years but for a long time they were only for those ‘in the know’, as splitting a journey meant manually searching through hundreds of journeys to find where to split your journey and then booking each portion of the journey separately.

How do split tickets work?
Split tickets work in just the same way as any other National Rail tickets and you are still eligible for discounts when booking your train tickets with a railcard. Although you cannot buy split tickets at the ticket machine at the station, split tickets are completely legal provided the train stops at the point where your tickets are split and if you’re travelling on a direct service you don’t even need to change trains

The best savings tend to be found on rail journeys going across the country, split tickets are available on direct routes too and are not limited to particular train companies or specific journeys. What’s more, split ticketing savings can be found on both fixed time advance fares and flexible walk on fares, meaning it’s possible to save even if you’re booking travel at the last minute or you need to travel at a time where cheap fares aren’t available.