Can I get a refund on split tickets?

Whether or not you are eligible for a refund will very depending on the type of tickets you have purchased and the reason why you are cancelling.

Travel delays and disruption
If one or more of your trains has been cancelled or there are significant delays on the line, you are entitled to a full refund provided your tickets are wholly unused. If your tickets are partially used, you may be entitled to a refund or partial refund but you will need to contact the train company you were meant to be travelling with directly.

All other circumstances

Advance type tickets
Fixed time advance type tickets are non-refundable if you’re not travelling at all but they can be amended if the journey is rebooked for alternative dates or times as long as the destination station and departure station both remain the same. We will need to see evidence of the repurchased journey before we can refund the original tickets

You have up to 28 days after the expiry date of the ticket to rebook your journey and tickets can be purchased up to twelve weeks before the dates of travel giving you four months in which to actually make the journey.

Off peak and anytime fares
Flexible off peak and anytime fares, often known as walk-up fares can be refunded regardless of whether or not the journey is rebooked. To be eligible for a refund all the tickets must be wholly unused and returned to the point of purchase as we will be unable to claim back the money to refund you until we have the tickets back in our possession.

Are there any cancellation charges?

Cancellation Fees

All refunds and amendments are subject to a standard industry admin fee of £10. This  is charged per booking and NOT per ticket. so you will only be charged one lot of £10 regardless of how many tickets are actually being cancelled.

If you buy split tickets at the station or book them manually on a train company any cancellation or amendments fees will be applied per ticket and so you ma have to pay two sets of admin fees or more if you split the journey in several places, quite possibly cancelling out the saving you made from splitting your fare in the first place.

if you only purchase tickets on the date when you definitely know that you will be travelling you can avoid this hassle but it does mean that you’ll miss out on the possibility of saving through split advance fares.

How will the refund be made?
All refunds will be made back to the card you originally paid with and may take 28 days to come back to you from the date that the refund is logged on our system.  When the refund is initially logged on our system you will receive an automated email to acknowledge your refund application and you will be advised by email again when the refund is processed.