Can I reserve seats if I book split tickets?


Split tickets and seat reservations

Split tickets and seat reservations

Choosing seating preferences
At the time of booking you will be prompted to indicate your seating preferences. Wherever possible we will try to assign seats to you taking these preferences into account. Seat reservations are  subject to availability however and cannot be guaranteed. Details of any seat reservations will be shown on the confirmation you will receive when your booking is confirmed

I haven’t got seat reservations?
If you haven’t got any seat reservations at all, this may be due to one of several reasons. Some train companies including Chiltern, Northern Rail, South West trains, London Midland and Southern do not offer numbered seat reservation on their services. If  you have an advance type ticket, which is valid with a seat reservation, you will be issued with a counted place seat coupon stating the time of the train your ticket is valid on.

Alternatively if you are travelling on a service at peak period or a time which is expected to be busy, train companies will sometimes declassify trains so that we are unable to reserve seats onboard.

Split tickets and seat reservations
If you’re travelling on a direct service but you’ve been issued with several tickets the journey has been split at points where the train calls to save money, owing to limitations in the booking system, you may be allocated seats in different parts of the train for different legs, although we’ll try to avoid this.

If this is the case, you are free ignore the seats you’ve been assigned and can sit elsewhere provided it is not in a seat that has been reserved for another passenger. In theory the guard could ask you to move to your reserved seat that’s reserved for you but this is unlikely.

Train services always have an unreserved carriage for passengers buying their train tickets on the day. It may be easiest to find a seat there for the whole journey.  If you prefer to do so,  the station ticket office may be able offer you a through reservation as long as you are able to  a show valid combination of tickets for the entire journey