split ticketing fees

If we cannot find a saving on your route, there is no share of saving fee.

Share of Saving Commission
If Trainoffers.co.uk  is able to make the cost of your train journey cheaper than a through ticket by splitting the tickets we will charge you a fixed fee equivalent to 10% of the SAVING you have made. This will be displayed when you select your trains and at the checkout.

If we aren’t able to find any saving on your route, you can still book the rail tickets with us but there will be no fee.

Why we charge a share of saving commission
Those in the know have been saving money on rail travel by split train tickets for years, the Trainsplit booking engine used by trainoffers.co.uk is revolutionising the world of rail retailing by making this insider industry knowledge available to all rail users at the press of a button. As the train companies and the bigger rail retailers are all unwilling to offer split ticketing to their customers, if smaller sites like trainoffers.co.uk are unable to support themselves they will simply disappear and people will have to go back to splitting tickets manually with all the risks that involves.

If we’ve found a split ticketing saving on your journey you’re free to go away and book each section of your trip individually. In the case of complicated journeys involving multiple splits, however, the convenience of not having to spend time booking each leg of the journey separately and avoiding the risk of making a mistake, which could lead to an expensive penalty fare, far outweigh the cost of the fees.

Booking and card fees

No charge is made for paying with a debit or credit card. The Train Offers site currently accepts payments from Visa, Mastercard and American Express cards.