My train tickets have not arrived?

Mislaid Train Tickets
Once you receive your tickets in the post or collect them from the machine, it is your responsibility to keep the tickets safe until they needed for travel. We are not normally able to replace tickets if they have been lost whilst in your possession.

Postal Tickets
Tickets booked for postal delivery are printed almost immediately after the booking is confirmed and will be sent out in the next available post. It is your responsibility to ensure that the delivery address information is correct and to notify us IMMEDIATELY of any mistakes  so that it can be changed before the tickets are dispatched.

If your tickets have not arrived within 5 days of making the booking it is your responsibility to contact us.

If there is enough time for us to do so, we may be able to issue a set of replacement tickets and post them out to you but we will not replace tickets if you leave it until just before you travel to advise us that your tickets have not arrived. You will then need to rebook the journey or purchase replacement tickets at the station and send us evidence of the replacement tickets in the form of a receipt before we can issue a refund on the originals We are only able to offer refunds on the original set of tickets. We are unable to cover the cost of any replacement tickets or any difference between the two.

Please note,  if your tickets have not arrived, you have not contacted us after five days to advise about the missing tickets and you are unable to provide evidence of repurchased tickets in the form of a receipt, your right to a refund on the missing tickets will be forfeited.