My Train Tickets Have Not Come Out Of The Machine

collecting your train tickets

tickets booked as ticket on departure can be collected at any point before travel.

Collecting your tickets
When picking  your tickets up, especially if your journey involves several splits and a large number of tickets, it is important to make sure that you wait at the ticket machine until it has finished printing. You should then check that you have all the tickets you require for your journey  before walking away. Ticket machines can occasionally stall during the printing process.

If one or more of the tickets has not printed
In the first instance if the station where you are collecting your tickets has a staffed ticket office, you should go to the ticket office and ask them to open up the machine as tickets can occasionally get stuck inside the machines.

If the tickets are not stuck in the machine and have failed to print or are only part printed, it is possible that there may be a case of ToD (ticket on departure) failure.

If  the booking is shown on our system as being part printed we may be able to print the remainder of the tickets and send them to you or process a refund if necessary.

If the tickets are shown as being fully issued, we will be unable to offer a refund as we are unable to claim back any money to refund you unless the missing ticket is returned to us. In these instances the responsibility for any refund lies with the train company that manages the station. They are the people that own and maintain the machines and you should contact them directly. They will then be able to investigate and trace if there was a fault with the ticket machine issuing the booking.