What happens if I need to catch an earlier or later train or one of my trains is delayed?

If you need to travel on an earlier or later train due to a change of plans:

catching different trains with split tickets

Catching different trains with split tickets

If one or more of the tickets you are travelling on are fixed time advance type tickets you’re limited to travelling on the services you’ve booked and if you want to travel at a different time, you’ll need to rebook the journey for the new times or dates and then apply for a refund on the original tickets .

If you have flexible tickets and or you need to travel earlier or later than you’d been intending, your tickets will still be valid provided the alternative trains you board are also scheduled to call at the places where the ticket is split and, if you have any off peak tickets, you abide by any peak period restrictions.

If you need to catch a later train because one or more of your trains is delayed

If you’ve got advance tickets and one of your trains is delayed just as with ordinary advance type tickets you’ll still be allowed on the next train service run the operator you were originally meant to be travelling with run by. This is provided you were on time for your first train and your itinerary was booked with the correct minimum connection times.

If your split tickets have been booked in one transaction through an accredited site like trainoffers.co.uk,  minimum connection times are not an issue as the site will automatically take this into account when generating the itinerary. In the event you are delayed, we recommend getting your ticket endorsed by a member of the train or station staff if possible to avoid any confusion later on in the journey.